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Laxxon Medical Corp. is domiciled in Nevada, United States and has two wholly owned subsidiaries based inSwitzerland (Laxxon Medical AG, Kloten) and Germany (Laxxon Medical GmbH, Jena). Laxxon Medical GmbH develops and manufactures medicines on the basis of the 3D screen-printing process. Laxxon Medical GmbH is the operative entity of the Laxxon group.

Laxxon Medical AG owns the exclusive global rights for development, production, and commercialization of an innovative new drug delivery system for the controlled release of pharmaceutical actives. This new process is based on a patented 3D screen-printing process. The aim of Laxxon Medical AG is to grant sub-licenses of thisnew technology to selected companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

An additive manufacturing process enables the production of multi-layered pharmaceutical application forms such as tablets. With this technology, tablets can be provided with geometric structures that enable the distribution of one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients. This structure allows a delayed and, as a result, consistent release of the active ingredients in the body over a longer period of time, improving their effectiveness for the benefit of patients. The 3D screen printing process enables both the production of very small quantities (as required, for example, in clinical research) and the mass production of medicines necessary for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, this special process makes it possible to create a counterfeit-proof "watermark" inside the tablet to protect it against counterfeit medicines, which is not possible with conventional manufacturing processes.

Laxxon Medical AG collaborates, among others, with the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena.

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