Axenoll Life Sciences AG

Medical Technology


Axenoll Life Sciences AG is a Swiss medical technology company with registered seat in Zurich, Switzerland.The company was incorporated in 2014 and has a fully owned subsidiary in Jena, Axenoll 3D Printing GmbH, which is the operative entity.

Axenoll 3D Printing GmbH develops and implements projects for cellular 3D screen printing of biomaterials for applications in the medical and biotechnological sector. The company will further industrialise the projects, ranging from development task to industrial production on a large scale. Its customers will be pharmaceutical, medical and biotech companies. After customer-specific product development, Axenoll 3D Printing GmbH will take over series production or grant sublicences to customers, who can then manufacture their product themselves.The portfolio includes a wide range of 3D products such as wound meshes, micro scalpels, screening chips or human micro tissue. The focus is mainly on diagnostics, but also on medical applications. Microarrays, printed membranes, bone implants, medical sensors or organoids can be produced in high volumes and identical units as well as in variable form and permeability. The Axenoll products are in the preclinical development stage. However, there are already customer requests from the industry to replace existing costly manufacturing proceses for marketed products by the more efficient Axenoll’s 3D screen printing production process.

In 2018, Axenoll Life Sciences AG’ subsidiary Axenoll 3D Printing GmbH entered into a cooperation and framework agreement with the Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena for a joint research and development in the field of bioprinting applications of 3D screen printing technology.

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