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The inflamed pharma GmbH was incorporated in 2019 and is based in Jena (Germany).

inflamed pharma GmbH is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients of products applied in innovative therapies for human and veterinary medicine. In particular, inflamed pharma GmbH develops ProcCluster®, an active pharmaceutical ingredient based on procaine. Procaine is a globally used active pharmaceutical ingredient substance in the category of local anaesthetics, it is well-tested, with low side-effects and applied in various indications, for instance, in neural therapy. The application in relation with pain and inflammation such as arthritis and arthrosis is less established but crucial. The new patented formulation has made it possible to use this active ingredient, which was previously only available parenterally, for other forms of application, such as oral and dermal application, and to achieve synergies in terms of effectiveness. The process of clustering, in which the active ingredient is incorporated into a protective shell, can also be transferred to other active ingredients.Currently, inflamed pharma GmbH is striving to commence clinical studies.

Beside the pain associated lead indications, inflamed has also demonstrated anti-viral effects of ProcCluster® invirus-infected lung cell cultures and positive outcomes in observational studies of long-covid and post-covid patients. The positive test results open new treatment options for RNA induced respiratory virus infection such asCOVID-19. The effect of ProcCluster® in COVID-19 will be further analyzed in a project sponsored by EFRE(Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung).

inflamed pharma GmbH also collaborates with the University Hospital (Universitätsklinikum) Jena.

Finally, inflamed pharma GmbH is GMP certified and has in-depth GMP experience comprising manufacturing process, analytical development and research and development. inflamed pharma GmbH’s GMP production expertise may also be used to execute third party projects, e.g. manufacturing of small molecule ligands for PET imaging.

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