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Medical Technology


The Saniva diagnostics GmbH is a German medical technology company based in Erfurt, Germany, specializing in the field of diagnostics and founded in January 2019. Saniva diagnostics GmbH is a spin-off of University Hospital(Universitätsklinikum) Jena. In order to support Saniva diagnostics’ project, the Company has entered an agreement with HighDim GmbH, a company providing research and development services.

Saniva diagnostics GmbH develops Neuromex a screening instrument (hardware and software), based on the Falling-Stick-Test enabling the early-stage detection of neurodegenerative diseases, before clinical manifestation of the disease. The early detection of diseases and risk factors is crucial to modern medical science. Saniva diagnostics GmbH, as patent holder, develops Neuromex, a motor screening instrument for early detection of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinsons’s disease and dementia. The application of neuroprotective drugs with which a curative therapy approach can be realized requires early detection of the diseases, previous to the damage of affected cerebral areas.

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