Oliver R. Baumann

CEO, Member of the Board of Directors

Oliver R. Baumann is married and the father of a son. In his leisure time he enjoys cooking, good wine and playing golf.

Oliver R. Baumann is a certified banking economist and passionate entrepreneur. Driven by innovative thinking, he is motivated to transform the healthcare industry by making it more accessible to those who need it and speed up the process of finding and releasing therapies, drugs & cures. He is excited to make an impact by using both his 17 year track record in investment banking and his experience in entrepreneurship and the biotech industry.

His curiosity piqued early on in his career at Credit Suisse where he was focused on alternative investments and research in the areas of biotech and medtech. He went on to advise many diverse start-ups and M&A transactions as well as participating as an active member in several board of directors.

As the start-up and investment landscapes continue to evolve, Oliver is most focused on the impact he can have and how he can help create a better future for everyone. At Xlife, he is most proud of the results the projects have when they develop a new therapy or drug that will go on to help countless people around the world.